Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Pillowcases For A Cause

Courtesy of Dana Made It

Who knew a simple pillowcase could bring so much joy? There are dozens and dozens of organizations that use pillowcases to give back to the community. My favorite so far is ConKerr Cancer, founded by Cindy Kerr, who began making pillowcases to cheer up her son and brighten up his hospital room when he was diagnosed with cancer in 2002.  He loved it so much, she began making pillowcases for the other kids in the Oncology Unit and ConKerr Cancer was born.

After I discovered ConKerr Cancer last year, I couldn't wait to use my fledgling sewing skills to create some funky pillowcases! They make the process incredibly simple, too. You can download the easy peasy pillowcase tutorial here or use the one that I followed at Dana Made It.  Once you're done, find a Regional Coordinator or local drop off site near you and send those suckers off to brighten up some kid's day!

"What if I can't sew?" you're wondering. Well, if you want to get involved, you can donate. Your money or your time.  Every little bit helps.  And you better believe I'll be revving up my sewing machine to make some more pillowcases real soon!

Keep It Funky!

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