Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Sew Sew Random!: Crazy Photoshop

Courtesy of Everett Hiller

During my random browsing of the wonderful World Wide Interweb, I came across this website, Twisted Sifter, which seems to be a blog about damn near everything and whose objective is to: educate, entertain and inspire each and every day. And let me tell you, I was definitely entertained as I read/looked at their post about this super awesome graphic designer named Everett Hiller who photoshops celebs into his holiday party pics. 

Ok, I will be the first to admit, I am not a Photoshop expert. Honestly, all I know how to do is crop pictures in that mothersucker so needless to say, I'm easily fooled by photoshopped pictures. But seriously, this guy is amazing, 'cause I really thought Barack was chillin' in somebody's kitchen! And doesn't Ryan Gosling (looking super dorky, by the way) look like he's really there?! 

Check out all Everett's holiday pics here:  You won't be disappointed.

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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Tammi Tries It! - Onesie Dress

For baby Kinley

This is the year of the baby. Actually, the last couple of years have been the years of the baby. Must be something in the water 'cause I think about 85% of my girlfriends have either had babies in the last year or are knocked up at this moment in time. All this to say, I've made quite a few baby items in the last few months.

So I was so excited when I found this Onesie dress tutorial because one of my good friends just had a beautiful, round headed baby girl named Kinley. Stephanie over at Barefoot In The Kitchen put together a super easy tutorial. Not only was it really simple but it was super quick, too! I whipped up two in like an hour!
She's a little bit country and a little bit rock and roll!
My only issue was the ruffle bottom. I've only tried ruffles once or twice and they ended up looking a hot ass mess.  And I know practice makes perfect but I just don't have the patience to try to perfect the ruffle. Whenever a pattern calls for one, I change it to the easy peasy pleat. Which is what I did for this tutorial and it still turned out super cute!  And Kin-Kin wears them so well. How can you not love that little face?!

She's trying to hypnotize you with her eyes!

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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Sew Sew Showoff!: Bachelorette Party Wet Bags

Vegas bound, baby!

I'm posting this for no other reason then to say: "Lookie what I made!" :-) A bride-to-be wanted some fun bridesmaids gifts for her bachelorette party and ordered 18 wet bags in funky fresh fabric. Hope they have an awesome time in Vegas!

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