Friday, January 18, 2013

Funky Find Friday! - Carolyn Crump

If this week's post on Thread Sketching/Free Hand Embroidery were an ice cream sundae, then today's Funky Find would be the cherry on top! I came across this talented lady last year and I couldn't believe what she can do with a needle and thread. 
Carolyn Crump 

Her name is Carolyn Crump and she's a fiber artist (one of my new favorite terms) who lives in Houston, Texas.  She goes a step further from Thread Sketching to actual Thread Painting which as you can see is amazing and takes some serious talent.  She uses quilts as her canvas of choice.  These are two of my favorite pieces.  And yes, these are quilts!

Red Scarf Soliloquy by Carolyn Crump
African Attitude by Carolyn Crump

Carolyn also creates abstract artwork and sculptures. Check out her awesomeness here.

If you know of something wild and wacky that you think would be perfect for Funky Find Friday, shoot me an e-mail at

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