Wednesday, January 9, 2013

In The Beginning…

My first craft event - "Girls Nite Out"/My first creations

What amazes me the most about Sew Sew Funky is that before 2011 I had no interest in sewing whatsoever.  Or starting a business for that matter. But as a good friend of mine (I can’t remember who) always says, “Things happen for a reason.”  So, I guess my getting laid off in November of 2010, my sister giving me a pillow case for Christmas which led me to go to Joann Fabrics looking for a pillow form to go in it, was all part of The Master Plan.  It was there that I saw a flyer for sewing lessons.  Sixty-five dollars for four sessions, two hours apiece sounded like a great deal.  So even though I never had an inkling of interest in sewing before, I decided since I had so much spare time I should give it a whirl. To my surprise and the surprise of pretty much everyone else who knows me, I really enjoyed it! So much so that I bought my own sewing machine and quickly immersed myself into the world of sewing.

I signed up for a gazillion sewing blogs, downloaded oodles and oodles of sewing tutorials, bought sewing books and became a self-proclaimed fabric junkie. Through my classes and my own trial and error, I learned valuable sewing lessons. Like always, always pre-shrink your fabric before cutting and sewing anything, because shrinkage is a bitch.  I learned this after making some pajama pants in class. When I finally washed them after the fact, I looked like I had gotten them from the girl’s department at Target! Another important lesson:  If you’re sewing something you’ve never sewn before, make a prototype! Don’t use the fabric you really want to use or you may end up wasting your fabric…and cursing the Sewing Gods along the way.

I began making handmade gifts for friends and family birthdays.  I started off with coasters and wine cozies then made a couple of bamboo handled purses for The Birthday Twins (two good friends who share the same birthday).  After that, I made a few cosmetic bags and they were a hit! Everyone kept telling me I should sell them and why the heck not? I had plenty of time on my hands. I thought about what I wanted my sewing business to be. I wanted it to be wild, crazy and funky…just like me. So, I came up with a name, got a logo designed, got some labels made and Sew Sew Funky was born!

Keep It Funky!

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  1. I love you sooo much and I am so proud of your talent and business acumen!!!!!!! I will send you my new special sewing request soon.